Rattan Cone Pendant Lamp Brass, Italy, circa 1950

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Rattan Cone Pendant Lamp Brass, Italy, circa 1950


Rattan pendant lamp, Italy, Mid century

Dimensions: 7.87 (diameter) x 20.1 (height lamp shape only) 59 (overall height)

Rare rattan shade pendant light, circa 1950, Italy, featuring a very long cone shaped rattan shade with a brass cone on top and a defector around the actual bulb.

The combination of rattan and brass gives this lamp a unique look that is both natural and industrial.

The rattan creates a warm and inviting feel, while the brass adds a touch sophistication.

The cone shape of the lamp creates a beautiful downward-facing light as much as a surround ing pattern through the rattan itself, providing a cozy and intimate atmosphere to any room.

It’s in good condition with no major wear or damage to the rattan, the brass shows a nice patina.

Newly rewired with the original canopy.

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 51 cm

rattan, Brass


1950 – 1960

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