Max Ingrand Fontana Arte ‘Marked’ Disco Volante Orange Mod. 1538, Italy, 1955

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Max Ingrand Fontana Arte ‘Marked’ Disco Volante Orange Mod. 1538, Italy, 1955


Max Ingrand.

Marked Fontana arte Disco Volante Mod. 1538, Max Ingrand, Milano 1955.

Rare Max Ingrand Fontana Arte Disco Volante Mod. 1538, Italy, 1955 with an early makers mark (engraved).

Formidable iconic table light with many astonishing details. Max Ingrand who was the artistic director at Fontana arte between 1954-1964 was the man of the impossible details in glass design.

His design of this iconic desk lamp not only was a tribute to an earlier design from his predecessor Pietro Chiesa but also told a formidabel story of the finesse of glass as a material as such.

The iconic idea and design of a brass bolt piercing through a glass shade was certainly genius in its boldness, but the details in the planning and making strike us with the true talent of Ingrand;

the solid brass rim connecting the thin glass discs, the use of 2 different colors for up and down light, the base with its 3-dimensional way of merging brass and glass,

make it inseparable show the true love of Ingrand for material and detail.

We had it gently cleaned and left the original patina. It is in very good original condition. 3 bulbs per light (e14, 40W max) Led’s recommended due to heat emission of standard bulbs.

Dimensions are 19.4“ (height) x 16.2“

Literature: ‘Fontana Arte’ Franco Deboni, p. 354/355.

Dimensions 41.15 × 41.15 × 49.28 cm

fontana arte, max ingrand


1950 – 1960


Brass, Glass,

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