Venini Esprit Original Chandelier Toni Zuccheri, Italy 1970

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Venini Esprit Original Chandelier Toni Zuccheri, Italy 1970



Original vintage 39″ iconic Esprit ball chandelier in wonderful refurbished condition, Venini 1960-1970

Early, very rare version of a giant Esprit chandelier by Toni Zuccheri, supposedly created between 1966-1970.

It’s the icon, the holy grail of flower ball chandeliers and inspired all of the chandeliers that were coming later. All parts including the glass pieces are original from the 1970’s.

Each glass element is handmade and of the highest Murano glass quality. It is noteworthy at this point that the glass back in the days was different from modern glass production regarding density, weight and color.

Especially for the Esprit chandelier, that is still being produced, the glass makes the difference and is of way better quality. It’s such a rare opportunity to acquire an original clear glass Esprit chandelier from that era, it’s a piece of history and certainly a museum piece.

Great for any commercial space or for la arger private vestibule or dinning area.

This light in person it literally breathtaking and emanates a truly beautiful light and shine.

We have refurbished and re-plated (nickeled) the racks and frames to bring back the shine of the past. It counts 72 large glass tulips and glass 80 stars and 40 bulb sockets in total.

All parts including the glass were disassembled, checked and refurbished

The electricity has been checked and replaced with new thicker cables ( US and EU standard).

The overall condition is very good to excellent with minimal wear to the lacquered steel core, frame. 4 glass stars show chips.

The chain we used is made from nickeled steel, overall weight of the chandelier is approx. 160kg.

We also used steel cables as safety measurements to hang this massive piece.

Dimensions: Diameter and Height is 39.9″. The chain can be elongated to any length required.

This piece should be hung by professionals only due to weight and complexity of the assembly.

Dimensions 99 × 99 × 99 cm

Toni Zuccheri, Venini


nickel, Brass, Glass,, steel



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