Post-modern Library Shelf System, Italy, 1980

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Post-modern Library Shelf System, Italy, 1980


Post-modern Library Shelf System.

Graphical shelf system, Italy circa 1980.

Very rare suspension, wall mounted shelf for large books.

Well-sized black shelf with lots of space for especially larger books.

It looks very cool and is very practical at the same time. The green spacers are different in form and be swapped as desired, defining smaller compartments.

The shelf system is made from black and green formica on laminated composite wood. The shelf is absolutely heavy and sturdy.

It’s in good condition with some inconsiderable scratches to the formica.

Dimensions are 59″ x 55″ x 10.6″. (WxHxD)

Dimensions 150 × 140 × 27 cm

formica, plywood, steel


1980 – 1990

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