Jean Prouvé Reclining Grand Repos Lounge Chair

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Jean Prouvé Reclining Grand Repos Lounge Chair


Jean Prouvé Very stylish, futuristic lounge chair by Jean Prouvé, design 1928-1930, production for Tecta circa 1985

This legendary chair was produced in a limited number in the 1930’s and only 3 known original pieces have survived, one of them is at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Its futuristic appearance is unparalleled yet it’s a very easy and comfortable chair for everyday use.

It’s comprised of black leather seating and armrests, with a blue leather adjustable headrest. It’s got a unique and very inventive resting or lounging mechanism with 2 springs activated by your body weight to slide backwards in a position of grand repose.

The condition is very good, the blue cushion shows minimal rub-off in the middle section.

Literature: Jean Prouvé. Une architecture par l’industrie, Zürich 1971, S. 143; Jean Prouvé. Die Poetik des technischen Objekts, Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein 2005, S. 307.

Dimensions 63 × 108 × 91 cm

jean Prouve


Leather, steel


1980 – 1990

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