Enzo Mari Wall Hanging Tapestry Tratteggio, Italy, 1991

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Enzo Mari Wall Hanging Tapestry Tratteggio, Italy, 1991


Enzo Mari.

Interflex Flou tapestry ‘Tratteggio’ by Enzo Mari produced 1991, Italy Dimensions 113.8″ x 54.3″ x1″ Tratteggio.

This large wall hanging designed by Mari was produced in 1991 and is no longer in production.

The image is produced by screen-printing onto a quilted cotton fabric. It’s depicting a simple hatch which in fact means tratteggio, the title of the work.

It’s a playful approach dealing with minimalism as well as the mundane activity in architecture and design, the drawing of a hatch.

The color is black on white and is printed on a quilt. The piece comes with a hanging bracket that slots through loops in the back allowing the work to be easily installed.

It’s in very good original condition and comes in it’s original box.

Enzo Mari is one of the masters of modernist Italian design – his work is spanning several mediums: furniture, painting, graphic design and installations.

All of his work is tightly bound by a playful exploration of the ideologies of the worker’s movement and the Arts & Craft movement.

Dimensions 289 × 138 × 2.5 cm

Interflex, Enzo Mari





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